Workshops and Training. Danielle Liesenborghs and Torsten Koch

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Are you looking for clarity about self-defeating patterns or corebeliefs that hold you back in life? Do you wonder how to accessa direct experience of transformation and empowerment

for yourself or your clients?




Embodiment Process benefits include:

lncreased lntuition,

Compassion and Empathy.

Accessing the Knowing Field.

Somatic Resourcing Through Felt Sense

Whole Brain lntegration

Healthy Attachment/Autonomyo

Clearly Seeing the Next Step.

Embodied Transformation/Empowerment



Vous cherchez plus de clareté par rapport aux croyances ou aux schémas défaitistes négatifs qui vous empêchent

à developer votre vrai potentiel ? Vous êtes interessés d’acceder DIRECTEMENT un outil de l’autonomisation pour vous même ou pour vos clients?


Pour la deuxième fois en Belgique:


WALKING-IN-YOUR-SHOES®Workshop de 2 jours – 150€ /jour

Clareté et transformation”avec WIYS le co-fondateur Joseph Culp


Atelier – “Marcher dans ses pompes” de 10-18 heures


Sujets de l’atelier:


mon enfant intérieur,

mon vrai moi,

le poids des croyances sur ma vie et ma sexualitélibération des croyances limitantes





t.koch@addvalorem.be 0475 217142



La methode du “WALKING” transpersonel est une technique qui procure l’autonomisation, le ressourcement somatique et la transformation profonde.Ce workshop en profondeur vous introduit au concept révolutionnaire de la WIYS® body/mind processing technique, une combinaison d’empathie, de mouvement et de perception representative, vous aide à identifier les obstacles chachés et à finalement exploiter votre vrai potentiel.

Dear Walkers,Thank you for all for your participation at the WIYS workshop in Keerbergen! The first time in the history of Belgium! You are the “pilots”. It was a pleasure to get to know you and work with all of you in seeking clarity and transformation through Walking-In-Your Shoes (WIYS). So many beautiful and inspiring moments of unfolding new awareness through our bodies. I hope you will allow the Walks you did to move into your lives in the best ways and the resources in your Walks bring you the greatest benefit for your “True Self”!OCTOBER WORKSHOP: I will return to Belgium on 20-21 October for another 2-day workshop. I would love for you to participate and continue the deepen your experience of this powerful practice. Please register with Torsten now, and suggest to a friend to experience this with you. PRACTICE GROUP: I encourage you to think about starting a practice group with Torsten and/or Danielle to do more Walks and continue to gain knowledge about this method and how it can be a great resource for your life questions and personal empowerment. The essence of WIYS is simple, and simple is the the most difficult - so it’s good to practice! Please reach out to them and perhaps you can find some days during the coming weeks to meet and try more Walks. HOLLAND: I addition, if you would like to try a 3-day workshop in Deventer, Holland, I begin a new training program there October 11-13 where you can learn to practice and facilitate this method for your personal and professional life. This is a certification course that gives you an in-depth foundation in all the applications and theories of WIYS, (You may also take any of these 3-day modules to study the method without the certification exam module.) This is always a beautiful journey to take with a training group and an opportunity to enrich your life and your work in many ways. For more information and registration please go to: http://www.jblt.nl/nlp-opleidingen/walking-in-your-shoes-facilitator/TRAINING IN BELGIUM: We will launch a Facilitator Training Program in Belgium in 2019. Dates to be announced. Please feel free to write to me and tell me any thoughts or feelings you have about how Walks affected you. You may notice strong or subtle changes in your awareness and in your life. I hope you will be gentle and open with yourself and allow the work you did to grow and empower you.If you would like to be part of my mailing list, please send your contact! Remember: "Just Walk It."All my best wishes,Joseph CulpWIYS Co-FounderWalking-In-Your-Shoes Instituetewww.wiys-institute.com